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How Time broke AD (and Group Policy saved the day)

I was recently discussing Time Configuration in Active Directory with another engineer and promised to send along details on how I like to configure Domain Controllers. Instead of sending along some links, I decided to add a post to talk

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Directory Service Restore Mode password automation

In a previous post (here), I wrote about an automation framework to deploy scripts using GPP Scheduled Tasks to Domain Controllers, servers, and clients. This post is about a script, designed for use with that framework, to set the DSRM

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IPv6 Disabled? – 0xffffffff to 0xff fixup

Like many environments, you may have disabled IPv6 on your workstations and servers. There are plenty of reasons why organization choose to enable or disable this and I won’t go into detail on whether or not you *should* disable IPv6…that’s

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Distributed Automation using Native Tools and Scripts

For this post, we’ll focus on automation with Windows hosts. Specifically, I’ll be covering a framework that I use to deploy automation to Domain Controllers that can help solve a common problem in Disaster Recovery scenarios. For now, we’ll just call

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About a zone…Bootstrap Recovery of DNS

This is Brad again, and today we’re going to change pace a bit and take a look at a topic that’s near and dear to me…Disaster Recovery. In particular, this post is going to focus on a DR technique intended

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Graceful Domain Controller Promotion and Demotion – Part 1

So…first post. For this first post, I thought I’d finally publish my write-up on graceful Domain Controller promotions and demotions. For those of you I’ve worked with directly, you’ll recognize this as a more comprehensive version of the write-ups I’ve provided over

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